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Updated August 29, 2016

Meeting for Lunch @ 12:15 p.m. Tuesdays

@ the Nassau Club, 6 Mercer Street, Princeton (Unless Noted Below)
The Nassau Club parking lot is for their members only.  Use of their parking lot by Rotarians who are not members of the Nassau Club will void our agreement with them.  Please park elsewhere if you are not a Nassau Club member.  In order to comply with the Nassau Club's dress code, male Rotarians are expected to wear collared shirts, dress slacks and jackets during meetings.  Women should wear appropriate business attire.  Athletic wear, sneakers and jeans are not permitted.

Weekly Meeting Schedule

  • August 2 - "Autism and Education" - Dr. Genevieve Kumapley, Speaker, Executive Director of MyGOAL Inc. and Haven International

    Bulletin: Committee | Meditation: Corky Smith

  • August 5 - (Friday Noon) - Multi-Club Lunch - "Discussion of Corporate Adjustment to Millennials" - President and CEO of PINK division of Victoria's Secret is the speaker.  Hosted by the Princeton Corridor Club in the Hyatt Regency Princeton, 102 Carnegie Center, Princeton.
  • August 9 - No Regular Meeting - Replaced by Multi-Club meeting August 5th
  • August 13 (Saturday) - 10:00 am - noon Service project at Veblen House, 254 Herrontown Road, Princeton
  • August 16 - Club Assembly - Club President Andrea Dinan presiding

    Bulletin: Committee | Meditation: Corky Smith

  • August 18 - 7:00pm Somerset Patriots District 7510 is hosting a baseball game.  Tickets include the game, a two-hour picnic and fireworks.  Tickets are $28.  Click here to order tickets by August 12th.
  • August 23 - Crisis Ministry 9-12 @ 123 E Hanover St, Trenton - followed by a roundtable meeting at noon at Metro North, 378 Alexander Road, Princeton
  • August 23 - 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm - Pot Luck Supper - Hosted by John Lasley at his home.
  • August 30 - Noon - 1:00 pm - Roundtable make-up meeting will be held at Big Fish Seafood Bistro, 3535 US Highway 1, Princeton, NJ

See our Event Calendar for additional club events.

Club Minutes, Membership Directory and other member-only downloads. (Password Protected for Members Only)

Latest News from Rotary International

Rotary's Humanity in Motion

Happy August 2016 Birthdays

Ahmed Azmy (08/01); Pavin Rajput (08/11);  Marcia Bossart (08/18); Mary Tamm (08/19)

Other Important Dates and Future Programs

  • September 06 - TBA

    Bulletin: Committee | Meditation: Corky Smith

    Event sponsors include:
    The Milton and Mildred Rosen Foundation
    The Bank of Princeton

    Samuel, Incorporated

    Merwick Care & Rehabilitation Center
    CLICK HERE to download reservation form.
  • September 13 -  TBA

    Bulletin: Committee | Meditation: Corky Smith

  • September 13 - TBA

    Bulletin: Committee | Meditation: Corky Smith

  • September 20 - TBA

    Bulletin: Committee | Meditation: Corky Smith


Pancake Breakfast Volunteers

Derrick Samuel and Steve Portrude Bringing Supplies

Servers & Revenue Collector Volunteers

Lewis Edge in his 3rd Decade Cooking Pancakes for Princeton Rotary

Gilbert Segal Threatens to "baptize" Lewis Edge with pancake batter

More Pancakes for the Serving Line

Lined Up and Serving

Rotarians and other volunteers and our guests who bought tickets helped the Rotary Club of Princeton fund scholarships and other local charitable endeavors.
Thanks to everyone who participated.
(Photos by Nina Mullin)


Princeton Rotary Club President Susan Mullin welcomes into membership, inductee Greg Moores

Princeton Rotary Club President Susan Mullin (right) welcomes new member, Mary Tamm into membership.

Andrew Hall's Induction
Princeton Rotary Club President Susan Mullin is proud to welcome Andrew Ryan Hall as our newest member.  Andrew has been active in our Club in excess of six months and has made numerous impactful contributions.


A. J. Goldman in full fire-fighting gear presents a program about The Princeton Fire Department a the Rotary Club of Princeton's April 5th meeting.

Sharin Jain made his presentation about Ecuator Sanitation Project at the Rotary Club of Princeton's April 19th meeting.


Corky Smith Awarded Paul Harris Fellow
Club President Susan Mullin was proud to grant Hayden "Corky" Smith Jr., a Paul Harris Award for his tireless contributions and service to Rotary International.


Crisis Minstry Volunteers
Princeton Rotary members Andrew Ryan Hall (left) and Derrick Samuel serve as volunteers at the Food Bank.


Exchange of Rotary Club Flags With Guest from Denmark
Princeton Rotary was happy to welcome Anna Engers from the Rotary Club of Birkerød, Denmark.


Rotary Club of Princeton
Proudly Celebrates 74 Years of Service
to the
Princeton Community

1942 to 2016

Princeton Rotary Blood Donor Program

Princeton Rotarian blood donor and Project Chair, Jan Gurvitch, (right) is shown with
Susan Maruska, RN from the University Medical Center at Princeton.

For the 18th consecutive year, The Rotary Club of Princeton has supported the University Medical Center at Princeton's Blood Donor Program.  Rotary later developed the "9-11 Blood Drive" in memory of all victims of the September 11th terrorist attacks, especially those from Princeton and the neighboring communities.  Through this program, Rotarians donate blood on a regular monthly schedule.  To learn more about the Rotary Club of Princeton's "9-11 Blood Drive" and other Rotary Programs, please visit the other pages on this Website or write to:

Pre-School Literacy Project

Rotary Club of Princeton Continues
its Ongoing Literacy Project
Princeton Nursery School

In support of Rotary’s commitment to literacy, the Rotary Club of Princeton has continued with its Literacy Project with the Princeton Nursery School for many years.

Princeton Nursery School is a small, private, non-profit, educational child care facility that provides for the developmental needs of children between the ages of 2 ½ and 5 years. The School currently serves 44, primarily Hispanic and African American children. Since its founding in 1929, Princeton Nursery School’s mission has been to provide a positive and supportive preschool experience for families at an affordable cost.

Rotary Club Past-President, Karen Woodbridge shares the contents of one of the
books donated to the children by the Rotary Club of Princeton

Throughout the month of March, members of the Rotary Club, including some spouses, read to children ages two and a half to five at the Princeton Nursery School. The teachers at the school chose the books for the Rotarians to read from among the children’s favorite titles. The Rotarian readers had the opportunity to read to both small groups and full classes.

Many of the Rotarian readers expressed their delight at how much they enjoyed having the opportunity to interact with the children. As a result of their initial experience, several of the members of the Rotary Club, who read to the children as part of the month of March Celebration of Literacy, are continuing to read to the children on a regular basis. The Rotary Club plans to support this project as part of its on-going commitment to literacy.

Rotarian and Past-President, Dr. Marcia Bossart explains to the children what
they will find in one of the books that was donated to them.

As part of celebration of Literacy Month, the Rotary Club also gave each child at the Princeton Nursery School a book to take home. Each child in the three year old class received a copy of It Begins with an A and each child in the four to five year old class received a copy of Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, both titles having been chosen by the teachers at the Nursery School. The books were personalized with each child’s name on a label in the front of the book.

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